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Pickering Chiropractic Health Centre

Chiropractor in Pickering, Ontario6.5 km
Address: 1154 Kingston Rd, Pickering, ON L1V 1B4
Phone: (905) 420-1443
Appointments: wellnesswithvana.com2

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How to choose a good chiropractor in pickering?

It is estimated that Doctors of Chiropractic treat over 27 million Americans annually, with a chiropractic adjustment being performed around 1 million times every business day in the US.

There are many known benefits of chiropractic treatment, which has made it such a popular treatment. However, when choosing the right chiropractor you can be overwhelmed with the options, and with the average session costing around $65, it’s an expensive decision to make.

Female Doctor pointing out a model of the spine to the patient.

To ensure you get the most from your treatment, take a look at our frequently asked questions. We hope they will help inform you, not simply about how to choose a chiropractor but most importantly, how to choose the right chiropractor.

A quick online search should tell you a lot about your chiropractor, their specialities and any research projects or charities they’re involved with.
Finding out about their area of expertise is important, so you can ensure you’re choosing a chiropractor with a focus or special interest in your condition.

If you’re struggling for where to start consider asking your doctor for a recommendation.

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Chiropractic care overview


Chiropractors use their hands to adjust the joints of your spine and limbs where signs of restricted movement are found. A chiropractor can use a grade 5 manipulation (a high velocity, low amplitude thrust) while a physiotherapist are often limited to grades 1-4 (low velocity, lesser amplitudes). The beauty of a grade 5 manipulation is that it often allows for instantaneous improvement in range of motion and pain relief! Adjusting a joint can help restore the normal range of motion and also acts upon a pain receptor to help relieve pain (pain gate theory). Every year there is more research supporting the benefits of chiropractic manipulation.

Chiropractor doing spinal mobilisation in physiotherapist's office.

A common misconception is that you may need to continually keep coming back to a chiropractor to keep out of pain. This is definitely not the case, especially here at Performance Chiropractic. We are movement specialists, and hone in on how to change your movement, rehab your injury and make permanent positive changes! But if you like most of us here at the clinic, you enjoy an active lifestyle where injuries unfortunately happen (or maybe you’re trying to become more active but pain is in the way) and we are here to help you keep doing what you love.

Chiropractors treat acute and chronic low back and neck pain, sciatica, neck related and tension headaches, sports injuries and extremity joint conditions. At Performance Chiropractic + Sports Rehab we use Active Release Therapy to treat soft tissue injures. Active Release Therapy is similar to an active, moving type of massage.

If your back or joints feel locked, stiff, and sore or maybe haven’t responded to other treatments, then a consultation with a chiropractor is recommended.

Muscle tears or post-surgery problems are more commonly treated by physiotherapists as well as joint and muscular problems which are restricting movement and causing pain.

The first priority is to just get yourself examined professionally and your practitioner will advise which treatment is best for your condition – and refer you accordingly.

Both Chiropractors and physio-therapists will also give exercises and advice to help manage injuries and medical conditions.
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